A God Without Limitations

God is doing crazy and insane things in Guatemala and I am absolutely in awe of how He is moving and working. He is capable of so much more than anything I could have ever imagined and I am watching Him work in mind blowing ways.


I was given the opportunity to visit the sweetest and sassiest woman at the hospital a week or so ago. My team had originally met her at the nursing home the week before, but she had an allergic reaction and became very sick and was taken to the hospital.


I am one of the few people who speak Spanish on our team and was asked to go with three other people to translate for them on this visit. I agreed but was very hesitant at the time. As we began our walk to this unknown hospital, I began to ask the Lord to provide me with words to say because I knew my words wouldn’t be sufficient. 


We arrived at the hospital and were told we had to wait thirty minutes before visiting hours started, so we decided to take that time to pray. 


We prayed that God would be present in ways that we hadn’t seen before. We prayed that we wouldn’t place God in a box and be open to what He had planned for this time. We prayed that our hearts would be ready and that He would speak through us. We prayed that He would also be preparing Elvira’s heart and that she would be receptive to what we shared with her. We prayed that God would perform miracles and show up in mighty ways.


Visiting hours started and we waited in line, surrounded by a large crowd of people also waiting. I asked the lady what room Elvira was in and when she looked through her papers she said she wasn’t here. At this point I wasn’t sure what to do, but I knew we had to see her. I explained the situation of how she lived at the nursing home and became very sick and we wanted to visit her. The lady said alright and allowed us to walk through the hospital to try and find her. 


After a few minutes we saw her and she saw us, what an amazing moment. Her face lit up and she smiled her cute smile that makes you contageously smile in return. We hugged her and told her we had been thinking about her and wanted to see how she was doing. She began to explain how she had been by herself and no one came to see her, but today God provided us and now she was happy and content. 


At this moment I wasn’t able to understand her clearly and it was extremely difficult to speak. I asked the Lord to intervene and that I needed His help. At that moment everything changed, my ears were opened and my mouth was moving. God was speaking through me and allowing me to hear clearly once again. We talked with Elvira and got to hear about her life and so many great stories. We asked her if she wanted to read from the bible and she said of course. We started to read with her and words just continued to flow from my mouth that weren’t my own. She became calm and a peace was over her as the word of the Lord was being read and she was listening intently and taking it all in. 


We then asked if we could pray for her and she said of course. We prayed that God would meet her where she was at and that He would wrap His arms around her and comfort her during this time. We prayed that His will would be done and whatever He saw fit for this situation would happen. Whether that would be complete healing or just allowing her to sit in His presence. We finished praying and God’s presence was so strong. I asked how she felt and she said the pain was instantaneously, completely gone and she was so overflowing with joy. The next week we went back to the nursing home and asked her how she was doing and she said “I am wonderful and back to my old self again”. She was back to her sassy and mischievous self. She said after we visited her in the hospital the doctors came in and released her to go back and God had healed her in that moment.


God is capable of so much more than I ever imagined. For so long I put God in a box and thought there was a limit on what He could do. He has completely changed my perspectice and I am beyond grateful. Our God is a God of miracles, healing, comfort and love. He has so much power and when we realize that He can do amazing wonders and remove Him from the box we place Him in, He works in mighty ways.







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