It Wasn’t Me


As a team, we have individually been reading through John and discussing one chapter each morning at breakfast. Yesterday as we were discussing John 7, we noticed something interesting.


“Jesus answered, ‘My teaching is not my own. It comes from the one who sent me.’” 7:16


“… I am not here on my own authority. He who sent me, however, is truthful.” 7:28


Jesus was continually pointing back to God the Father. As He is an equal part of the Trinity, He could have easily and rightfully accepted the glory for Himself. However, that is not what he did. He put forth the glory to the Father who deserves unmeasurable glory.


Jesus was so quick to give the glory to the Father, but how quick are we to keep glory for ourselves? How often do we accept the compliments and affirmation we receive with a “thank you” or a smile instead of giving the glory back to God? When someone told me how they were proud of me for going on this trip, I didn’t respond with “God called me to go,” but rather with “I’m so excited” or “it’s going to be great.” That is just one of numerous examples of me keeping the glory for myself.


As a follower of the King of Kings, nothing I do (in alignment with God’s will) is of my own strength. It wasn’t me who gave up my summer and the comforts of home. It wasn’t me who decided to live with 24+ strangers in close quarters. It wasn’t me who accepted ice cold showers and uncountable bug bites. It wasn’t me who spent the day in a literal dump to serve the people who live there. It wasn’t me who hugged and kissed and loved children who are covered in dirt and trash. It wasn’t me who helped fix lice coated hair. It wasn’t me who prayed over the sick baby or the family in the park. It wasn’t me who made incredible plans for this team and this ministry and this city. It was all God. It was all God in His marvelous grace and perfect sovereignty. It was by God’s strength and love and power that these things were done. It was for His worship and His glory that these things were done. It wasn’t me.


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