Let me start this blog out by saying that I am completely in LOVE with Jesus.


This week was different at the cerebral palsy orphanage. They asked us to come a little earlier so that we could help the nurses bathe them. IT WAS SO HARD. I am not comfortable at all, but somehow I was able to make it through carrying, washing, dressing, and loving 8 precious orphans.

When I went to help her undress the last child she stopped me. First, she handed me gloves (which we hadn’t used on any of the other children) and looked at me with a look of sorrow that immediately broke my heart. What could be so wrong with this 15 year old, little girl that would cause the nurse to look this way?

Her name was Jessica, and she was screaming in pain. When she took her diaper off I understood. It was filled with blood and I saw a sight I will never forget. She was no longer absorbing nutrients which was literally causing her body to fall apart.


That is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.


The rest of the day I was in a slump. She was in so much pain. So, I started to pray.  Every time I wasn’t distracted I would pray for Jessica. Eventually, I realized that even if she was healed this time, eventually her body would fail again….So, I decided to pray for Jesus to take her home.


During worship that night I had a vision. It was a glimpse of heaven, something I’ve been praying for since my mom passed away.


It was mostly gold with the most beautiful floors decorated with gorgeous jewels.

I was slow dancing with a bright light that exuded righteousness.

At the end of the room there were a billion King’s thrones that all somehow turned into one throne.

Standing just below those thrones was my mother…and WOW. She looked beautiful.


Then, I saw Jessica. She was more complete than anything I have ever seen.


I wasn’t sure what this vision meant exactly, but I wanted that completeness for Jessica. More than anything I have ever wanted. So through the night I continued to pray for Jesus to take her home.


This morning, on my 20th birthday, we headed to the orphanage. My heart was heavy, but my faith was big that somehow He would heal His precious child. I headed to her room first thing to check on her, but her crib was empty. I asked the nurse where Jessica was and she said she had gone to the see the doctor up the hall due to inflammation in her throat.

I became angry. Why would God allow her to be in even more pain when I had just begged Him to heal her? Once again I pleaded with Him to take her home. This time not so confident that He would listen. A minute later the nurse came back into the room…


Jessica had just passed away.


WHAT? God did this. I had just see His almighty power. I had just seen a miracle.


I have no doubt where she is. I had just seen her in my vision the night before in Heaven.

Complete. Free. Beautiful. HIS.


JESUS, THANK YOU. Thank you for being faithful. Thank you for letting me a part of your plan for the ultimate healing. YOU ARE SO GOOD. This has been the best birthday of my life.


“You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.” Pslams 77:14

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