The Guate AIM Base

A few weeks ago, our team had the honor of having breakfast for dinner at the AIM base here in Antigua. I was expecting our time there to be enjoyable because…well, we were having breakfast for dinner. That’s always enjoyable. Noe picked us up from our hostel and we rode in the back of his pick up truck to a beautiful house a few miles away from our home. As we walked in the house, we were instantly greeted by friendly faces and fresh fruit. The team at the base welcomed us in like we were family. I had no idea that by the end of the night, I would actually be calling them family. After introducing ourselves to the team of twenty, we walked to the back patio with our plates full of pancakes, french toast, and pineapple. The backyard is huge and their patio is all pinteresty. They have white lights, candles, a hammock, and tables made from old doors. Old bottles dipped in paint and wrapped in twine were holding flowers as centerpieces. Ali, Mercediez, and I sat on a bench and a few girls sat across from us, Robin and Sam. They asked questions like “What has been the hardest part?” and “What is the Lord teaching you?” There was no surface level, fake questions but they jumped to the deep ones immediately.They listened intently as we shared our struggles, lessons, challenges, and excitements of our trip so far.

 As we finished our conversation and meal, Noe began to speak truth over us. He addressed the lie that states there is strength in numbers. He continued to explain that this team of four women is as powerful as any other team. Going into the first week of our time here, I often found myself thinking of how there would be some disadvantages as far as ministry goes because we had no men on our team. Men are higher in a lot of places around the world, including Guatemala. Noe looked at the four of us and gave several biblical examples of when Jesus used women to teach. “Who visited Jesus’ tomb because they had faith he would rise? Women. Who did Jesus first appear to after he did conquer death? Women. Then those women were the ones who went to tell all the people it was true, Jesus had raised from the death. They were the first ones to preach the good news. The first preachers and evangelists were women.” After a few moments of silence he continued “The word I get for you guys is Faith. You are women of faith and there is radiant joy coming from you guys.”

Radiant Joy.

This encouragement sunk deeply into me.

God used a man we had only known for two hours to refresh us greatly. That is God’s work at it’s finest.

Our night ended with more conversations, ice cream, and photos that could be in national geographic. Those are three of my very favorite things. Any night that ends with people, ice cream, and stunning pictures, is a good one. We rode back to our hostel in the back of the truck and planned our next gathering with them. My soul had been refreshed and I was filled. Our experience at the AIM base was what I believe church should look like. This is community. This is what it means to be one body.

I in them and You in Me, in order that they may become one and perfectly united, that the world may know and  recognize that You sent Me and that You have loved them [even] as You have loved Me. – John 17.23

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