Waiting by the Gate

Last week we had the wonderful opportunity to go to Honduras for a week on ministry. Our team went to Porto Cortez (a city right on the ocean) with the purpose of pouring into Iglesia Zion Wesley Huci (a local church). Instead we were blessed as many Christians surrounded us with love and truth.
Each time we went into the community to evangelize, we were met with open and seeking hearts. We would gather as a group after, sharing stories of brokenness, joy, and hope. God worked in us and proved His faithfulness.
One such time was when we were ministering in this particular neighborhood. Our group had just finished talking with a group of men. We then made our way to this house where a lady stood sweeping in her yard. Already knowing that this lady was a daughter of the Most High God, it was very evident that she lived her life being committed to her Savior.

Mama Hilda and our translator began to relate to us this lady’s story. She was a wife of an alcoholic man and a mother of children who were in trouble with the law and not living lives with purpose and freedom in Christ. Very discouraged and heartbroken, this precious lady began to weep in our arms. The pain and burdens that she carried for her family were overwhelming.
As I stood hugging this beautiful woman, I realized that she is a true reflection of the FATHER.

In the darkness and quiet of the womb, God formed us individually with perfection and love. He knit our bodies with purpose and care. The Lord intricately fashioned our hearts and filled them with specific desires, passions, callings, gifts, and abilities.
And then He REJOICED.
When we live in rebellion to who God has created us to be and reject a relationship with Him, He weeps. His heart is burdened for us because we search for fulfillment that can only be satisfied by Him. Our hearts are empty and God longs to cleanse, heal, and restore us.
God’s unfailing love is as mighty and persistent as the waves. He yearns for our hearts, regardless of how broken and damaged they are.
And just as the woman worked by the gate, the Lord waits for us and does not rest as He watches for us. And when we come home, He embraces us with a love and a joy that breathes life into our weary bones.

I was that wayward child. The Lord lifted me from my knees and set me on solid ground. He put a gown of purity over me and called me His bride. With a gently hand, God wiped away my tears, and put a song of hope, remeption, and grace in my heart to sing all the days of my life.
Isaiah 30:18   So the Lord must wait for you to come to Him so he can show you His love and compassion. For the Lord is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for His help.

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