beautiful creation

Today I found myself in a chapel alone with six wheelchair-bound kids with cerebral palsy. How I ended up there alone, not sure.

I sat on the floor between two of them and held their hands. They all just smiled at me and laughed. Their joy quickly rubbed off on me.

So I began to pray for them, or rather, praise God for them.

I thanked God for creating them each just the way they are.

            Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Luke 12:7

I realized during my 20 or so minutes alone with my babies that they are absolutely perfect, just the way they are.

Instinct might lead us to look at them and immediately want “healing” for them. But by default this usually means praying for them to look like me and communicate like I do.

            We are the clay, you are the potter; we are ALL the work of your hand. Isaiah 64:8

I walked from wheelchair to wheelchair, holding their hands, kissing their cheeks, smiling. As I prayed for each of them God made it so clear to me:

These are my children. I created them just as I created you. They are different, but no less perfect in my sight.

So I prayed for them, not that they would jump up out of their wheelchairs and start singing and dancing, but that they would realize their worth in the one who made them. That they would feel peace, joy, and be healed of their ailments. That they would realize that they are here for a great purpose.

This week at the cerebral palsy orphanage has been so humbling. I learned how to communicate with each one in their individual way, how to feed each one in the way that would result in more food in their mouth than on their clothes (and mine), and even got to brush some teeth.

I am so blessed. And not because I was born without cerebral palsy. But because God put some amazing people into my life at the orphanage and showed me even more of the beauty of his creation.


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